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The École Centrale Paris and Supélec take another step forward in their strategic alliance.

Wednesday 14 december 2011

The École Centrale Paris and Supélec today announce another step forward in their strategic alliance: firstly, the two institutions are creating a steering committee association ‐ a legal entity whose objective is to examine and propose the methods for uniting more closely all the players concerned; secondly, they are creating the CentraleSupélec brand, which represents the Alliance through the association.
The steering committee association will study questions relating to the governance, the economic model, the unique, five‐year contract with the State, future legal statutes and its organisation for the target date defined today as 2015. The following activities will continue in parallel:
• combining the essential operations of the two existing institutions, notably development in France and internationally, with the expansion of the poles of competence in teaching and research;
• the two engineering programmes and the two degrees.
The association will also host the CentraleSupélec brand, which will be progressively strengthened by the implementation of joint activities using the brand and based on agreements between the association and the establishments.
In 2008, the 2 Schools transformed their partnership which was already very active into a strategic alliance.
Since then numerous developments have taken place, particularly in teaching and research – creation of the “Centrale Paris & Supélec” economic Interest group to improve the awareness of our research, the opening of joint electives in the 3rd year notably in the field of energy, and the creation of four joint Chairs for teaching and research with EDF, Bouygues Construction, EADS and PSA Peugeot‐Citroën.

Two Schools, the same ambition
Firmly attached to the Saclay Campus strategic project, the Centrale Paris and Supélec alliance aims to become both a pole of reference in the field of engineering and systems sciences, and a major establishment for advanced education and scientific and managerial research, ranked with the group of institutions whose mission is to train the leaders for the world of tomorrow.
This vision will be deployed in line with a humanist concept where the understanding of the sciences is aimed at the development of a society with man at its centre, but taking into account the constraints, and notably the environmental constraints, that it is facing.

The next steps
The year 2012 will see a number of activities related to the steering committee association becoming finalised;
• the implementation of the project‘s Management Team during the first semester,
• the finalisation of the economic model and targeted legal structure for the entity at the end of the year.
In parallel, the real estate projects for the future Saclay Campus, which bring both establishments together, will have advanced in a number of decisive stages.

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