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AgroParisTech and HEC Paris create a link between their programs

Thursday 16 june 2011

AgroParisTech and HEC Paris announce they are signing a double degree agreement, which, as of September 2011, will result in some students, selected on the excellence of their performance in the school of origin, completing the last two years (Master cycle) at the partner school and simultaneously obtaining degrees from HEC Paris and AgroParisTech engineering.

The objective is to allow:

- AgroParisTech engineering students to develop skills in management and management science, complementary to those already acquired in their engineering degree, and to incorporate other interdisciplinary topics.

- HEC Paris students in the program to acquire an education in life and environmental sciences and technologies in one of four education areas for engineers at AgroParisTech.

Companies will be able to recruit young graduates whose highly specialised dual-skill in engineering and management will enable them to become effective leaders and managers. They will, among others things, contribute to successfully meeting the challenges of the 21st century, affecting life and:

- human food and health, in relation to nutrition and sanitation,

- sustainable development and natural resources,

- environmental protection and development of territories.

This agreement, signed by Marc Michel, Dean of AgroParisTech, and Bernard Ramanantsoa, Dean of HEC Paris, is one of the areas of cooperation between the two institutes.

This cooperation is founded on their expertise in education, based on high-level research, and the partnership between business and educational innovation.

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